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You've worked for months - maybe even years - to design a piece of machinery that's going to make your company great. It could be an internal machine that will automate manufacturing and save the company money. It could be a new product that's expected to bring in big bucks in sales. Everyone's excited and is ready to get moving on it.
One problem.
You've built a prototype and the transformer doesn't fit. You check catalogs and websites - nothing. You call your current supplier - no luck.
Now, you call Mitchell Electronics to explain your problem. They get right to work on it. They design a transformer to fit the machine you've designed. It's a winner!
Your company moves forward with the new machine and you're the big hero.
Sound like a dream? It's not. Mitchell Electronics has been solving problems like this for its customers every day since 1956.
Secondary AC Current Requirements Wire Table

The most crucial component - the heart - of all machinery using electricity. To keep the heart pumping, you need.

A Trusted Source
to provide expert advice and design service.

Quality Products
that you confidently incorporate into your own.

Reliable Delivery
to avoid costly delays on your production line.

Competitive Pricing
to keep your production costs as low as possible.

Friendly, Personalized Service
to provide immediate assistance when you need it most.

A Problem Solver
to get you out of a jam when others leave you on your own.
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You need...
With nearly 50 years of experience in the transformer business. Mitchell Electronics is a family business - owned, managed, and operated by three generations - and extends this level of closeness, trust and dedication to all customers, regardless of their size.

We're happy to have you as a visitor to our website.

Enjoy your stay, and please contact us for your transformer needs.

We'll treat you like family!
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