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Advantage of using Triple Insulated Magnet Wire in Switching Transformers

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Triple Insulated Wire "TIW" meets all the leading international safety codes and enables transformers to be manufactured to meet safety isolation standards without the need of margins and tape barriers. In recent years we have seen many engineers taking advantage of Triple Insulation Magnet Wire to eliminate the inter-layer of insulation ...


Why do transformers make humming or buzzing sounds?

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Q: If there a way to make a transformer less loud? Magnetostriction is the technical buzzword for the property of ferromagnetic materials that causes them to change their shape or dimensions during the process of magnetization. It is this variation of material’s magnetization due to the applied magnetic field that changes ...


Why Do Transformers Explode?

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To understand this question we need to understand just how fast a millisecond is, to put this into perspective 8 milliseconds, that is  1/125 of a second, is the standard camera shutter speed and a longer 60 milliseconds is how fast a hummingbird flaps its wing one time. Sixty milliseconds are ...


One Single Buyer Holds Mountain of Copper

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Just one single buyer has gobbled up more than 50% of all the copper held in the London Metal Exchange warehouses, giving it firm control over this crucial source of supply and raising serious concerns among traders about the potential for higher prices as reported in Monday’s October 27th Wall ...